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Stout and Porter Beer

No, stout beers aren’t supposed to make you stout. While it is common to think that you’ll get a drinker’s belly from loving craft beers, stout beers and porter beers can be very irresistible and definitely worth the try.

Browse this page for various brands of stouts and porter beers we offer in Singapore.


There are currently a plethora of various stout beers available in Singapore. Their rich dark tone is something they all have in common. The darkest stout beers can be nearly black in color. They can be distinguished from porter beers not only by their color, but also by their major flavors. Porter beers employ malted barley that has been roasted. 

The first of the two varieties was the porter beer, which originated around 300 years ago. Porters were followed by stouts, which were stronger, fuller-bodied variants of porters.Stout beers are prepared using black patent malt. These contribute to the dark hue, astringent flavor, and unique ashy scent of the beer. Stouts can be further classified into two groups. 

There are two types of stouts: "milk stout" or "sweet stout" and "dry stout". Lactose, a sugar obtained from milk, is used to sweeten the milk stout. Lactose isn't fermented by yeast, thus it adds body and sweetness to the beer.

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