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Sour & Fruit Beers

A sour beer is a type of beer with a unique sour flavor. It gets its sour flavor from a special brewing technique that incorporates wild bacteria and yeast, while fruit beer has a natural fruit mix that makes a distinct flavour. You can find an assortment of sour beer and fruit beer below.


 You may have heard of sour beer in Singapore or even made it yourself if you operate a restaurant or brewery. This unusual beverage is popular among both experienced and novice beer drinkers, and its sour flavor and scent have even enticed non-beer drinkers to join in.

Most sour beers contain between 3-5 percent alcohol by volume, while some can include as little as 2 percent or as much as 8-9 percent. The amount of alcohol in a sour beer is mostly determined by the style of beer and the conditions in which it was brewed.

Meanwhile, fruit beers in Singapore are beers that have been flavored with fruit instead of alcoholic beverages made from fruit. Beer is created from grain and requires a starch conversion process to produce fermentable sugar. Fruits contain solely fermentable sugars, such as fructose and hence simply need to be squeezed before yeast is introduced. Fruit beers are made with fruit extracts as fermenting ingredients.

You can find the most popular fruit beers and sour beers across the globe here at ARVO Drinks.
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