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Pale Ale

Pale ale in Singapore is quite popular for heavy and light drinkers alike. It is very great for casual day drinking but works well as a beverage for late night movie watching or bonding time with your colleagues.

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 A pale ale is a bitter, malty beer with a lesser alcohol content. A 12-ounce pour of common pale ales contains about 180 calories. Pale ales come in a variety of slightly opaque yellowish colors, but they're all light, as the name implies. Pale ales are easy to drink even for people with low tolerance to alcohol. It is good especially for day drinking, because of their low to medium alcohol by volume.

Pale ales come in a wide variety of flavours and alcohol content, so you might have to try a few before settling on one. Your favourite pale ale can be difficult to pinpoint, with flavours ranging from bitter to sweet and citrus to caramel, pale ale will surely challenge your tastes.

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