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IPA Beer

Without a doubt, the India pale ale, or IPA beer in Singapore, is the most popular style of craft beer.

The IPA, which stems from pale ale and is the polar opposite of lager beer, is distinguished by the distinctive bitterness provided by hops. Check out our collection below:


Given the bitterness of the IPA beer, which is frequently paired with a high alcohol concentration, its popularity is unsurprising. The popularity of IPA beer in Singapore has led to a rise in their demand. IPA beers are becoming more common among craft brewers' offerings, and they're also becoming more common among bars' rotations. In fact, the IPA craze is so prevalent that many often refer to everything with hops and a strong flavor as an IPA.

Many craft beer enthusiasts started out their passion with IPA beers for two reasons. Firstly, out of curiosity. Since IPA beer is the talk of the town, newbies will likely seek them. The other thing is that they are quite common in many stores and are always available. Most of them refer to its bitterness as similar to that of coffee.

Should you want to try an amazing selection of IPA beer in Singapore? Or is IPA your favourite? Whichever the case, we have lots of IPA beers in store for you.
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