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Understanding the Definitions of Tastes in Beer — Hoppy, Light, Malty, & More

Understanding the Definitions of Tastes in Beer — Hoppy, Light, Malty, & More

Knowing your beer is a subject in itself, and if you want to better understand how different kinds of beer taste, you will want to first familiarise yourself with the terminologies associated with the different flavour profiles found within. Not only will you appear more knowledgeable, knowing how to describe each type of beer makes your experience that much more enjoyable as you are actually able to identify and describe the flavours that suit you best, which helps when you’re trying to get the right beer-food pairing. Here’s a guide on the different flavours found in a craft beer shop in Singapore.


Hoppy Craft Beer Shop in Singapore

Often, people use the term “hoppiness” to describe the level of bitterness a beer possesses. However, not all hoppy beers are bitter; rather, the bitterness is determined by when hops are added during the brewing process. The earlier they are added, the more bitter the beer. In all actuality, hops is a versatile flavour likened to a fruity or flowery aroma. Hence, when a beer is described as hoppy, it basically means that there are earthy, herbal, spicy, or citrusy notes to the beer. Typically, examples of hoppy beers include IPAs, stouts, and ales, all of which you can also find here at Arvo Drinks’ craft beer shop in Singapore.


Malty Craft Beer Shop in Singapore

Malt is derived from barley grains, which are usually roasted before being added to the brew. This results in the beer taking on a nutty flavour and toasty aroma. Additionally, by roasting barley grains, the sugars within caramelise, releasing a slightly sweet and caramel flavour that is infused into the beer. Malty beers have a more pronounced malt-based richness and sweetness, and are sometimes perceived to be heavier and more sophisticated. Malty beers include lagers, porters, and dark ales. If this is the sort of beer you’re looking for, get them right to your doorstep with Arvo Drinks’ craft beer delivery in Singapore.


Dark Craft Beer Shop in Singapore

You can be forgiven for thinking that this describes the colour of the beer, but in this case, it also describes its taste. Dark beers are made with malt grains that are roasted until they turn a dark colour. They can be considered a variant of malty beers, as both utilise roasted malt grains, but with dark beers, these grains are roasted even longer, giving the beer a richer and heavier flavour. As these malt grains are roasted longer, they no longer give off caramel notes; instead, they take on darker notes of chocolate and coffee.  


Crisp Craft Beer Shop in Singapore

Crisp beers, for example Pilsners, refer to beers that are highly carbonated or effervescent; they also tend to be a little drier. This means that they have very low residual sugars, and their flavours won’t really linger in your mouth after taking a sip. Crisp beers are generally lighter and more refreshing than other types of beer. They also contain low to medium abv, making them the ideal beverage for a casual summer drink — the sort you’d want to drink by the beach or at a pub with fish and chips. With Arvo Drinks’ craft beer delivery in Singapore, you can now have crisp craft beers brought to the beach, too!

Now that you’re more familiar with these essential terms, check out our website for our full range of premium Australian craft beers and put that knowledge to good use!

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