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Stomping Ground Brewing Co

Stomping Ground Brewing Co

Established in Collingwood, Melbourne, the historical home of Australian brewing, Stomping Ground is first and foremost a neighbourhood brewery. Founded by Steve, Guy and Justin, in 2016, Stomping Ground is a focal point of the community. Not only have the lads created a brewery suitable for lunch with your Grandma, but they have also created a Melbourne institution. Not surprising given Guy and Steve are veritable giants of the Australian craft brewing industry. Such is the esteem held for Stomping Ground, that they even opened a taphouse at the airport, so Melbournians and visitors can get one last fix before flying out.

A successful craft brewery needs to appeal to varied palettes, and Stomping Ground has delivered. Beers are categorised as easy-drinking, intermediate, or challenging, which helps to guide those new to the brewery or to craft beer in general. Don’t take easy drinking too lightly though, the Stomping Ground Core Range is packed full of flavour as you would expect from such an institution. Its hard to choose a favourite between the Pale, Lager and IPA. All three are very sessionable and worthy of a regular spot in your fridge. Special mention also for the Gose Sour range, which flies out the door in warm Melbourne weather. Of course a craft brewery wouldn’t be craft without some limited edition brews, and Stomping Ground


Stomping Ground Brewing Co
Having consumed vast amounts of Stomping Ground Gipps St Pale Ale, we’re stoked to have them in the ARVO line up. Hard to go past as the taste of Australia. Buy a bunch, keep some in your fridge and impress your mates next time you have sundowners. We hope to bring you some limited release brews in future shipments!
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