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arvo craft beer in singapore

Everything you Need to Know about Australian Craft Beers

In the age of mass production, consumers yearn for a different retail experience — one that is more tailored, exclusive, and personal; whether it’s designer bags, or shoes, or travel experiences, or even food and beverages. The same can be said for beers, and craft beer has, over recent years, proven to be a hit with folks looking for something more boutique. If you’re tired of drinking mass-produced beers and wish to explore something more intimate, here’s a brief introduction to what Australian craft beer is all about, and how you can get their craft beer in Singapore .

What is Craft Beer?

craft beer brewery

So, just what is craft beer, exactly? To put it simply, craft beer is beer that isn’t brewed by a large brewery corporation; that’s usually what “craft” stands for. Craft beer is made by a brewer that is small, independent, and traditional. Craft beer is actually an evolution from microbrew, which might be a more recognisable term to some. The term fell away because to be considered that, a brewery is only allowed to produce a limited number of barrels of beer, while more small breweries were gradually expanding. Craft beer then became a more endearing term as it wasn’t legally restrictive, and folks still know that they’re getting beer that is crafted, not manufactured.

How is Craft Beer Made?

arvo craft beer brewing process

While it’s hard to deviate from the core ingredients used to brew beer, namely, malt; hops; yeast; and water, as well as the brewing process, craft beer breweries tend to be a little more creative wherever possible by tweaking and trying different combinations. Many microbreweries use seasonal fruits and other premium ingredients to create unique and refreshing flavours not found in mass-produced beer. Craft beer breweries are also more committed to quality and have much greater autonomy over their brewing processes, giving them freedom to mix things up and keep flavours interesting. It is this creativity and thoughtful brewing that many craft beer aficionados appreciate. Similarly, when you buy craft beer online in Singapore from us, you’re getting that same exquisite craft beer experience that has won the world over.

What are Some Popular Australian Craft Beer Brands?

craft beer brands arvo carries

Few countries in the world understand quality craft beer like the craft-beer loving nation of Australia, and there are numerous award-winning craft beer brands down under that we carry here at ARVO Drinks, when you buy craft beer in Singapore from us. One of the most popular Australian craft beer brands is Bad Shepherd, known for its wide variety of craft beer flavours that straddle the line between ingenious and insane, from peanut butter porter, to hazelnut brown ale, to oatmeal stout. Another Australian craft beer brand making waves is Local Brewing Co, which not only brews uniquely flavoured craft beers, but also strives to use its brand to donate meals to the less fortunate.

Where can you get Australian Craft Beer in Singapore?

holding arvo craft beer in singapore

ARVO’s mission is to bring you the best independent Australian craft beer, never before available in Singapore. This means that when you buy craft beer online in Singapore with us, you’ll get access to hundreds of different tantalising flavours for any occasion, and we believe that there’s nothing quite like enjoying good craft beer and creating memories with your mates. For more information about the range of craft beers available on our store, please visit our website .

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