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image of a glass of craft beer Singapore

Craft Beer vs Regular Beer: What Are the Key Differences?

Craft beer has been a growing trend in Singapore, with around 45 breweries across the country and counting. This is a marked increase from just 15 breweries 10 years ago. New cafes and bistros are also including different varieties of craft beer on their menus, adding a touch of intrigue to the flavours on offer. But, what makes craft beer such a hit amongst Singaporeans (and people from all over the world for that matter) compared to regular beer? If you’re wondering what all the hype is about, here are some key differences between the two types of beer. 

What is Craft Beer?

different cans of craft beer Singapore

Before we jump into things, the question begets: just what is craft beer, exactly? In short, craft beer is an artisanal version of regular beer, often characterised by its wide range of flavours and creative packaging. It’s largely popular amongst the younger crowd because of the element of fun that it brings to the table, quite literally. Craft beer is also generally produced in much smaller volumes compared to regular beer, as the latter is designed to maximise profit while craft beer prioritises the entire experience. 

Craft Beer Places More Emphasis on Quality

what is craft beer this is the brewing process of craft beer

In lay terms, think of craft breweries as smaller, boutique versions of standard breweries — more miniscule in production, but with extra emphasis on the ingredients used as well as the overall manufacturing process itself. For instance, ingredients go through a strict selection process before they are considered suitable to be used. On top of that, the fermentation of craft beer is done organically instead of having carbon dioxide injected artificially, and because craft beer isn’t mass produced like regular beer, there is a greater reliance on the human factor during production, which already conjures a more wholesome image in itself. After all, it isn’t called craft beer for nothing; it truly is a craft for the folks who work tirelessly to brew excellent tasting craft beer. Also, because craft beer is often brewed by smaller companies, there is a deeper sense of connectivity and intimacy between the brewers and the community.

Craft Beer is Usually More Varied

peanut butter porter flavor of craft beer Singapore

As craft beer is usually produced in small batches, there is more autonomy for brewers to experiment with new flavours on a regular basis. Similar to cooking, discovering new concoctions is always exciting. For many of these brewers, the joy of discovery is what inspires them to constantly push the boundaries to create something quite extraordinary, culminating in eclectic pairings like passion fruit beer, peanut butter porter, and ginger lime seltzer. With so many unique flavour combinations to choose from, it can be said that craft beer is like a snowflake: no two are ever the same. There’s definitely a flavour for every palate and every season. 

Craft Beer Has Greater Creative Energy

a group of people drinking sessions of craft beer Singapore

Craft beer isn’t just innovative when it comes to creating unique flavours; the packaging often matches up, too. While traditional beer brands tend to be more singular with their identities, craft beer breweries have more freedom both in and outside the can. The end result, therefore, is a beautiful journey that includes limited edition flavours, gorgeous labels, and the assurance that everything has been crafted with love and care. After all, drinking is a multisensory activity that is also influenced by the atmosphere, and craft beer is like an adventure that is unpredictably exciting — you never quite know what to expect, or what flavours you’ll end up with, but you know it’ll be a good time. It’s that spark of oomph that lights up every occasion.  

Speaking of beautiful journeys, why not let Arvo take you on one with our craft beer delivery service? We’re on a mission to provide you with some of the most tantalising craft beer flavours never before available in Singapore, so get ready to venture into a brave new world. 

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