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Choosing the Perfect Craft Beer: 4 Things to Look out for When Purchasing

Choosing the Perfect Craft Beer: 4 Things to Look out for When Purchasing

The craft beer industry in Singapore is growing steadily as more customers prefer boutique, customised brews over conventional beer — an apt reflection of a vibrant new generation with a tendency to stray from the beaten path. With so many choices available in the market now, however, comes the need to pick the right craft beer that suits your tastes or the occasion at hand. The next time you find yourself at a craft beer shop in Singapore, here are 5 factors to consider when purchasing the perfect craft beer.


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Craft beer comes in many forms, and by extension, many flavours. It’s therefore important to be familiar with the different kinds of craft beer and their respective flavour profiles. For instance, IPA/pale ale typically tastes a little more fruity and less bitter, and they are often incorporated with citruses. On the other hand, lagers have more of a spicy and floral tinge to them. Craft beer is often known for its highly unconventional flavours as well; here at ARVO, your friendly craft beer delivery service in Singapore, you will find uncommon but surprisingly tasty flavour combinations, such as Bad Shepard’s peanut butter porter and Hop Nation’s oatmeal stout.

Food Pairings

food pairings with craft beer delivery service in Singapore

Different alcoholic beverages complement different kinds of food, and this is also the case with craft beer. Depending on the occasion and the feast that awaits you, there are several stable food pairings that can’t go wrong. For instance, light lagers work well with “lighter” meals like fish and chips, pasta aglio olio, and tempura; while IPAs complement burgers and pizzas; and sour beers are perfect for sweets, cheesecakes, and soft cheese. Here at ARVO’s craft beer shop in Singapore, we offer a wide selection of craft beers with different flavour accents and alcohol percentages for every occasion. 


craft beer in Singapore packaging

Visual stimulation can influence the way we perceive things and products around us — never underestimate how solid graphics and branding can elevate a product above and beyond. Many craft beer brands are known for their quirky and often eye-catching packaging, and if you’d like to add a touch of vibrancy to your gathering, your meal, or even your alcohol cabinet, look out for craft beer with creative packaging that would make you want to save even the empty cans as collectables in their own right. 

Brand History

craft beer delivery service in Singapore Arvo brand history

Learning about the history of each brewery tells you a lot about their identities, inspiration, processes, commitment to quality ingredients, and more. As is often the case, we tend to lean towards brands that we can resonate with the most; similarly, having a better idea of each craft beer brand helps us ascertain if we’re “feeling it”. Here at ARVO, we believe that beer is the perfect companion through life’s many seasons, from making blissful memories whilst sipping on a can with your mates, to celebrations, setting down burdens, and making up. Our craft beers reflect that diversity and reliability, and we endeavour to bring the best independent Australian craft beers to the local community through our craft beer delivery service in Singapore, so you can create new memories with new flavours. 

For more information about the different kinds of craft beers and flavours that we have available, please visit our website.

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