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Burnley Brewing

Burnley Brewing

Recently celebrating their 3rd birthday, Burnley brewing has gone from strength to strength in their short existence. Founded in late 2017 in Richmond, Melbourne, Burnley commenced operations in a former Italian restaurant. Combining experience in hospitality and the beer industry, the founders, Niel, Phil and Renton teamed up with head brewer Michael, recently returned from brewing in Germany. Needless to say, the combo works. The team at Burnley just exudes fun and frivolity and that comes through in their beers (not to mention their Insta!)

Burnley pumps out some of Melbourne’s finest brews including a core range and limited release beers. Not content with that, Burnely also regularly releases fantastic collaboration beers with other breweries or even with bottleshops (watch this space 😉). Michael is not one to shy away from experimentation, as recent releases include brews such as the Banana Bread Brown Ale (perfect for Breakfast beers, no?); Cucumber & Mint Lager; and a nitro coffee brown ale. You’ll never be bored with the Burnley line up, and let’s be honest the can-art is just lovely.

Burnley Brewing

With utmost respect to our other breweries, we probably wouldn’t be here without Burnley. They represent everything we love about the craft beer scene; great beers, great people, and a willingness to try something new. Here at ARVO we sleep soundly at night knowing there is always a Burnley or two tucked away in the fridge, ready to do duty when the need arises. Grab a pack and put yourself at ease!

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