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Bodriggy Brewing Co

Bodriggy Brewing Co

One of the new(ish) breweries of the Melbourne craft beer scene, Bodriggy officially opened its doors in late 2019. Located in Abbotsford, quite possibly Australia's craft beer epi-centre, Bodriggy takes its name from its venue, formerly the Bodriggy Villa, housing stonemasons and more recently motor mechanics.   

Peter Walsh, the founder, has not wasted any time making an impact. Bodriggy has found a loyal fan base very quickly (including the ARVO crew!) thanks to its small, ever-changing and intriguing range of beers. There is something for everyone, with a core range that is the gift keeps on giving, through to the limited release brews that include obscure styles like kettle sours and lichtenhainer.  Not content with just creating fantastic beer, Bodriggy’s funky can art is not only unique but also offers little hints of the thinking behind the beer. Definitely worth taking a close look.

Fusing a community connection with a love of craft beer, Peter and co have absolutely hit the nail on the head with Bodriggy.


Bodriggy Brewing Co


ARVO was introduced to Bodriggy through their smashable Speccy Juice IPA, widely considered the best session ale in Australia. Whilst we don’t have the Speccy Juice in stock (it sold out in Aus!) the rest of the range is hard to beat!

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