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6 Best Craft Beer in Singapore to Get Your Friends Based on Their Group Roles

6 Best Craft Beer in Singapore to Get Your Friends Based on Their Group Roles

In a world seemingly obsessed with putting a personality type on anything and everything, everyone wants to find what they share an affinity with, from colours to animals — nothing is off limits in their search for synergy. Apparently, beers too, have a personality, and your role in your social circle could help determine the kind of craft beer in Singapore that suits you best, like a Myers-Briggs test for beer drinkers. With that in mind, here are 6 of our best craft beers based on your social roles.

The Party Animal

The Party Animal Craft beer Singapore

You have a bold, outgoing, and larger-than-life personality. Your energy is boundless, and you prefer letting your inhibitions slightly loose on the dancefloor. Yet, you remain classy and prefer to don an air of mysteriousness and intrigue to whomever meets your eye. Our Wolf of the Willows craft beer in Singapore is an embodiment of these traits. With a higher alcohol percentage; a bold flavour blend of dark cocoa and espresso; and a classy hint of truffle, vanilla, and smoke, it is the ideal companion for an avid partygoer. 

The Mom of the Group

The Mom of the Group Ray hard seltzer

You’re the soft-hearted and caring “mom” of the group, always fussing over everyone’s well being, and being protective over them. To that end, you’re always abreast of the latest health trend, and you keep yourself sober and in shape so you can take care of the gang. Our fruity hard seltzer collection pairs nicely with your needs. It is healthier than regular craft beer in Singapore, palatable, and doesn’t have a high alcohol percentage so you won’t get too wasted and can still keep a lookout for your friends.

The Hot Mess

The Hot Mess Fruit beer Singapore

We certainly don’t mean this in a negative way, but you’re someone who is still finding your place in life; not quite sure what exactly you’re looking for yet. You’re experimenting with many things with mixed results, and you’re still in search of what makes you happy in life. Our Discovery Pack is an accurate representation of your ongoing quest to find compatibility in life. Ranging from hard seltzer to fruit beer in Singapore, there is enough variety in each pack for you to experiment with different flavours in order to find something that sticks. 

The Adventure Seeker

The Adventure Seeker craft beer in Singapore

“No” isn’t in your dictionary. You’re extremely open-minded and are down for almost anything. You live for new experiences and are willing to step out of your comfort zone to reach new horizons. Epitomising this fearless spirit is our Bad Shepherd Peanut Butter Porter, a craft beer in Singapore that symbolises our commitment to pushing flavour boundaries to create unique and tantalising combinations that are previously unheard of.

The Chill Friend

The Chill Friend lager beer in Singapore

You’re unfazed by the chaos around you as you let nothing disrupt your personal peace. You go with the flow, hold no strong opinion, and most of all, you just want to chill with a glass of ice cold beer and have a jolly good time. If you’re the Shaggy of your proverbial Scooby Doo gang, our range of organic lager beer in Singapore should be right up your alley. Earthy and toasty malt undertones define our lager beer, your perfect companion for kicking back and watching the world go past you.

The Popular Friend

The Popular Friend Boatrocker Miss Pinky

Source: Drinks Adventures

You’re the influencer in your group and you know it, soaking in the attention like water on a sponge. You revel in the spotlight, using your charm and sassy personality to turn heads everywhere you go. Equally zesty and tangy is our Boatrocker Miss Pinky Raspberry, a refreshing fruit beer in Singapore with an Instagram-worthy packaging that is fit to stand amongst your most well-received posts. 

Get your favourite craft beer online in Singapore with Arvo. For more information about our range of unique Australian craft beers, please visit our website.

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