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5 Hard Seltzer Hacks That Will Make You Look Like a Pro Mixologist

5 Hard Seltzer Hacks That Will Make You Look Like a Pro Mixologist

Bars around the world are constantly pushing the boundaries to create exciting and vibrant new cocktail concoctions that not only wow in taste, but look like works of art as well. Given that low ABV beverages are growing in popularity, why not combine the best of both worlds and create stunning hard seltzer flavours for your next social gathering? After all, you don’t have to be a certified mixologist to impress your guests; here are 5 nifty hard seltzer hacks so you can look like one! 

Add Fresh Fruits

Hard Seltzer Flavours

Typically, hard seltzer flavours already come with a hint of fruit, but just imagine the extra layer of authenticity and finesse that fresh fruits can bring — like fresh lemon to a Ray Hard Seltzer Lemon & Lime for that extra zing, or fresh strawberries to a Ray Hard Seltzer Watermelon to further enhance its sweetness. With such a wide array of fruits to experiment with, the possibilities are endless. Want to try more unconventional fruits like pomegranates or even mangosteens? Hard seltzers are the perfect canvas to create your art.

Mix It Up with Juice

Ray Hard Seltzer Lemon & Lime

It can be difficult to look for specific fruits during their off-peak seasons, so if you have a flavour for your custom hard seltzer mix that isn’t available in the form of fresh produce, fruit juice can be a viable alternative. Additionally, there are arguably more varieties of juices to select from, like mixed berries, or even a fusion of various fruits and vegetables. This gives you more options to work with for less, as juice is generally less expensive than buying fresh fruits.

Add Herbs

Hard Seltzer Mix Herbs

While fruits add zinginess and freshness to your hard seltzer mix, herbs go the other way with their earthy undertones giving it greater depth in flavour whilst elevating its overall aesthetics. Today, you’d be hard pressed to find a cocktail that doesn’t contain some kind of herb, like rosemary, mint, or lavender, and there’s no reason why hard seltzers shouldn’t receive the same love! If you’re new to this, mint is your safest bet as it pairs well with most flavours, but there’s certainly no harm experimenting with other herbs. 

Create a Margarita from Hard Seltzers

Hard Seltzer Transforming into a Margarita

Looking to diversify your liquor selection? Add a touch of elegance to the occasion by transforming your hard seltzer into a margarita with just a few simple ingredients! All you need is a zesty hard seltzer, like Ray Hard Seltzer Lemon & Lime — then, just add tequila, lime, and agave, as well as some sugar or salt around the rim of the glass, and voila, one beloved beverage to another without breaking a sweat. It’s a simple but effective way to mix things up, quite literally.

Turn It into a Mojito

Mojito Hard Seltzer

Pro tip: if you want to seriously spruce up a mojito, switch out the soda for hard seltzer — not only will you retain its fizziness, you will even be able to enhance its flavour. The Wolf of the Willows Ginger Lime Hard Seltzer, for instance, adds that extra bit of ginger spiciness to the mojito that you won’t normally find in conventional recipes. Guests will also appreciate that extra touch of customisation! That being said, a mojito can’t be without its staples, so don’t forget the white rum, mint, and of course, lime. 

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